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The WordSpy emails stopped showing up after June 11. I can't find any mention of them now on the WordSpy site, and I assume Paul McFedries has discontinued the service. Thus, no more posts to the WordSpy community unless this changes. The website seems to show a random word each time you access it, not the most current word.

The website does link to an rss feed. I don't know whether it's active.

Mobile speed bump

mobile speed bump n.

A car that travels at the speed limit to force the cars behind to do the same.

Example Citations
The city of Vancouver is exploring the idea of sanctioning a
grass-roots traffic-calming program that enlists the silent majority
of reasonable, rational, law-abiding drivers to stop being so

Instead they'd slap NEIGHBORHOOD PACE CAR stickers on their vehicles
and set a highly visible example by rolling down Vancouver streets at
lawful speeds.

Yes, you heard right: Making Vancouver streets safer simply by making
a public point of driving the posted speed limit.
--Scott Hewitt, "How'd you like to be a mobile speed bump?," The
Columbian (Vancouver, WA), November 27, 2003

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velocitize (vuh.LAWS.i.tyz) v.

To cause a person to become used to a fast speed.
--velocitization n.

Example Citations
Safety experts argue that speeding has "velocitizing" effects on
drivers, making it harder for them to slow down when conditions
change and it's urgent to do so.
--"The mentality behind the wheel," The Oregonian, December 10, 2003

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de-policing n.

A law enforcement strategy in which police avoid accusations of
racial profiling by ignoring traffic violations and other petty crimes
committed by members of visible minorities. Also: depolicing.

Example Citations
But as new leaders were promising action, rank-and-file officers were
reacting bitterly, saying if they were faulted for doing their job,
they'd stop all proactive policing. It's a practice known as

During a February, 2001 riot in Seattle, when police were accused of
taking a hands-off approach, one officer was quoted as saying:
"Parking under a shady tree to work on a crossword puzzle is a great
alternative to being labelled a racist and being dragged through an
inquest, a review board, an FBI and U.S. attorney investigation and
--Michelle Shephard, "Seattle offers insights into police profiling,"
Toronto Star, February 9, 2003

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Squid squad

squid squad n.

A team of biologists and other scientists that researches the squid.

Example Citations
The giant squid has consumed the imaginations of many oceanographers.
How could something so big and powerful remain unseen for so long-or
be less understood than dinosaurs, which died out millions of years
ago? The search for a living specimen has inspired a fevered
competition. For decades, teams of scientists have prowled the high
seas in the hope of glimpsing one. These "squid squads" have in
recent years invested millions of dollars and deployed scores of
submarines and underwater cameras, in a struggle to be first.
--David Grann, "The Squid Hunter," The New Yorker, May 24, 2004

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Living bandage

living bandage n.

A bandage or dressing made from skin cells, particularly cells
cultured from a sample of the patient's skin.

Example Citations
Last month he began a new treatment for an ulcer on his big toe which
has failed to heal for five years.

Doctors scraped skin cells from his thigh which were then grown in
the laboratory and are now being applied in a special "living
bandage" on his toe to kick-start natural skin growth. Early
indications are that the ulcer is at last beginning to heal.
--"'Living bandages' offer hope to skin patients," Yorkshire Post,
October 21, 2003

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Information environmentalism

information environmentalism n.

The movement that seeks to reduce information overload and its
effects on peoples' lives.
--information environmentalist n.

Example Citations
There's a growing "information environmentalism" movement in the
United States against the overwhelming torrent of more media than any
mind can cope with. Gurus of the movement are said to be throwing
away their TV sets with the same ideological zeal with which feminist
women are said, in the age just after the age of steam trains, to
have burned their bras.
--"Dear Madge," Canberra Times (Canberra, Australia), May 30, 2004

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togethering pp.

Vacationing with one's extended family or friends. --n.

Example Citations
Those surveyed plan to take more vacation time at home this year as
there continues to be an emphasis on family after the terrorist
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Yesawich said. Eight in 10 respondents
said they planned to vacation with extended family or friends, a
trend called "togethering" that is on the increase, he said.
--John Yantis, "Majority of Travelers Look for Deals on Internet,
Arizona Travel Expert Says," East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Arizona), May
25, 2004

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Extreme ironing

extreme ironing n.

A pastime in which participants iron a few items of laundry while
engaged in an extreme sport or some other dangerous activity.

Example Citations
You read right: extreme ironing -- part sport, part spectacle. Press
garments while kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking or doing any
other outdoor activity you like. (Since extreme ironers must wait for
the invention of solar- and battery-charged irons, they heat their
irons with portable gas burners, campfires and generators.)
--Bryan Rourke, "Pressing concerns," The Providence Journal (Rhode
Island), May 22, 2004

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nanopublishing ( n.

An online publishing model that uses a scaled-down, inexpensive
operation to reach a targeted audience, especially by using blogging
techniques. Also: nano-publishing.
--nanopublisher n.

Example Citations
Unlike Kelly's site, Gizmodo ( is built for speed and the
quick hit, and it wants to be far more au courant than "Cool Tools."
It was launched by New York-based Brit Nick Denton -- who also
started the ultra-hip blog site, a mix of New York party
gossip and news. Denton's approach to online publishing is part of
trend that's been dubbed "nanopublishing."
--Stephen Williams, "Two Grand Blogs For Geeks, Gadget Freaks,"
Newsday (New York, NY), February 17, 2004

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